ABC Fundraising, “America’s most trusted name in fundraising”, has recently teamed up with the nation’s largest recycling companies to bring you ABC Recycle™ the most exciting and FREE fundraising opportunity ever!

By recycling cell phones and printer cartridges your organization can earn thousands of dollars while helping to protect the environment.

With our Matching Bonus, your organization can double the amount of money you earn. For every $100 you earn, ABC Recycle™ will give you a FREE Scratch & Help® Fundraising Card, which when completed, raises $100! This makes ABC Recycle™ the most profitable recycling fundraiser in the United Sates Today! No other recycling program even comes close to offering the kind of money you will be able to raise with ABC Recycle™! Best of all there is No Money Needed To Start!

Earn up $50 per Used Cell Phone
Earn up to $5 per Used Printer Crtridge



“Thanks to ABC Recycle™ our baseball league was able to afford new uniforms this year. We are planning our next ABC Recycle™ fundraiser now and hope to double the amount of money this time.”
- Steve Jones – Somerset Youth Baseball

“ We couldn’t believe how many phones people had laying around their homes. One person gave us 5 phones! Each phone was worth about $5. When you figure in the ABC Recycle™ Matching Bonus, we actually made $50 from that one person! This fundraiser is so easy!”
- Mary Stone – Marshall Elementary School

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