ABC Recycle™ is proud to offer a matching bonus in the form of 1 FREE Scratch & Help® booklet for every $100 earned by your organization from the collection of used cell phones and printer cartridges.

Each Scratch & Help® booklet raises a total of $100 when completed. This makes your recycling fundraiser twice as profitable!

How It Works

You will receive 1 Scratch & Help® booklet just like the one above for every $100 earned from collecting used cell phones and used printer cartridges. Each Scratch and Help® booklet raises $100 when completed!

It’s easy to complete a booklet! (See above diagram)

Simply ask your friends and family to scratch 2 circles and then donate the amount shown. Donation amounts range from .50 to $3.00 In return for their donation, the donor receives a coupon sheet with 10 coupons from our National Corporate Sponsors including Pizza Hut, Jiffy Lube, JC Penney and many more! Each booklet contains 50 scratch off circles, and since each person scratches 2 circles, it only takes 25 people donating to complete one booklet! You make $100 for each completed booklet!

You can learn more about Scratch & Help® by visiting

Click HERE to get your FREE ABC Recycle™ starter kit.

• Only matching bonus’s of $1000 (10 booklets) or more will have your groups logo printed on the cover of the Scratch and Help® booklets.
• ABC Fundraising™ will contact you if you qualify for having your groups logo printed on the booklets. You will be asked to fax or email your logo to ABC Fundraising™.



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