Because of the rapidly advancing cell phone technology, the average American buys a new cell phone once every two years. Most people will either throw their old phone out or just put it in their junk drawer only to forget about it until their spring-cleaning.

Right now there are over 500 million cell phones sitting in drawers of America’s households. An equal amount of phones have found their way to our nations landfills where they will sit for thousands of years decomposing and negatively impacting the environment.


ABC Recycle™ has made it easier than ever to start a recycling fundraiser:
If you follow these simple steps you will receive a check for up to $200 per cell phone and $10 per printer cartridge within 30 days of completing your fundraiser.

To begin, please get your FREE ABC RECYCLE™ START-UP KIT by clicking HERE.

Make photocopies of all the material and distribute to your members. Allow for 4 weeks to run your fundraiser:

Week 1:

Spread the word in your neighborhood by going door to door to businesses and homes. You should leave a letter (provided in your start-up kit) explaining the fundraiser and detailing the dates and times you will be coming back to collect the phones and cartridges. (Schools and youth organizations should send home letters with your members to give to their parents informing them of your ABC RECYCLE™ fundraiser. This letter can also be found in your ABC RECYCLE™ START-UP KIT.)


Set up a “Drop off” location. This can be a school, a member’s house or a local restaurant or store.


Have your members collect email addresses and send out a bulk email informing everyone of the recycling fundraiser. Let them know where they can bring their old cell phones and cartridges over the next 4 weeks.



Week 2:

Go back to the houses and businesses that you went to during the first week and collect the phones and cartridges. If some people are not home you can leave another letter letting them know exactly which day you will be back to collect the phones and cartridges.


Staple a small brown paper bag to the letter. This letter will explain that the bag is for the empty cell phones and printer cartridges and that you will be back on a specific day for a collection. The letter also explains that they should leave the bag in front of the door for your organization to pick up.


Hold a meeting to motivate your members and to trade ideas for collecting phones and cartridges.



Week 3:

Send out a follow up email reminding people of the drop off location and letting them know that they only have 1 more week to support your group by donating their cell phones and empty cartridges.


Go back to the houses where you left the paper bags and collect their phones and cartridges.


Bring all cell phones and cartridges to the central drop off location.


Box up all the phones and cartridges you have collected. You can get free boxes from any local liquor store. When packaging the printer cartridges and phones make sure you use plenty of newspaper or bubble wrap to ensure a safe delivery. If phones or cartridges are received broken ABC RECYCLE™ will not be able to pay you for them.

Simply call ABC Recycle™ at 1-800-368-4543 to schedule your FREE SHIPPING. You will be emailed or faxed FREE SHIPPING LABELS to place on your boxes and given instructions on how to schedule a pick-up.
You can expect a commission check for up to $200 per phone and $5 per cartridge within 30 days of ABC Recycle™ receiving your boxes.

*BONUS: You will receive 1 FREE Scratch & Help® booklet worth $100 for every $100 in commission you earn. Use your Scratch & Help® booklet to double your money!
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